Cannulated Titanium Bar / Tubes

We offer from the stock wide choice of Hollow  / Cannulated Bars & Tubes in Titanium Alloys - Ti6Al4V Beta family of alloys. Cannulated bars are also called as Thick Wall Tubing have wide range of applications in Orthopedic Implants, Instruments &  tools, Nuts, and screws. 

  • Food Processing Industry
  • Nuclear
  • Automobile
  • Aeronautic


Outer Diameter

Inner Diameter / Hole Size

Wall Thickness

Ti6Al4V Eli 5.30mm 0.90mm 2.20mm
Ti6Al4V Eli 5.30 1.10mm 2.10mm
Ti6Al4V Eli 6.30 1.20mm 2.55mm
Ti6Al4V Eli 8.30mm 1.70mm 3.30mm
Ti6Al4V Eli 8.30mm 2.20mm 3.05mm
Ti6Al4V Eli 9.20mm 3.2mm 3.00mm
Ti6Al4V Eli 10.30mm 1.70mm 4.30mm
Ti6Al4V Eli 10.30mm 2.20mm 4.05mm
Ti6Al4V Eli 12.40mm 5.00mm 3.70mm
Ti6Al4V Eli 13.30mm  2.70mm 5.03mm
Ti6Al4V Eli 13.30mm 3.50mm 4.90mm

We also do custom sizes on request, please feel free to email your requirements to